Genre: Open world / Free-roaming / Sandbox action and driving

Group Description

This group includes games set in vast, predominantly urban environments, in which the activities of the player character alternate between driving cars or other vehicles, and participating in action sequences (e.g. shooting or hand-to-hand combat). Popularized by Grand Theft Auto series, these games are sometimes referred to as GTA clones.

  • The exact percentage of driving and action gameplay may vary greatly from game to game. In order to be admitted to this group, the game in question must have both gameplay styles prominently featured.
  • "Sandbox" is a relative term; what is meant here is that the player can deviate from the prescribed route when driving (though he may be confined to narrow locations during action sequences), i.e. the driving is not restricted by levels/stages.
  • Games in this group do not have to feature gangster protagonists. Some of these games (e.g. True Crime) actually deal with law enforcement.

Selected Covers

Polizei Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Polizei
Mad Max Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Mad Max

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Polizei
Max Rockatansky returns to the world of video gaming.
Screenshot from Mad Max
Title screen
Screenshot from Car Jack Streets
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