Hang-On series

Group Description

Sega's series of motorcycle racing games.



In Power Drift, the motorcycle is a hidden playable vehicle.

In Sonic Riders and Sonic Free Riders, both the Hang-On and Super Hang-On gear can be purchased in the shop.

Both Shenmue and Shenmue II have Hang-On as a playable mini-game. Players can also win miniature toy versions of the bikes from gashapon machines.

Selected Covers

Super Hang-On Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Super Hang-On
Hang-On GP SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Hang-On GP
Hang-On SEGA Master System Front Cover
Front cover for Hang-On

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Hang On II
Title screen
Screenshot from Super Hang-On
Title screen
Screenshot from Hang-On
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