Historical conflict: Winter War

Group Description

Games based upon the November 1939 to March 1940 Winter War between the Soviet Union and the Republic of Finland. Games included in this group should not be restricted to a specific genre. The majority of locations should reside either within the Soviet Union or Finland, however other territories, such as Norway and Sweden, may also be represented. Due to Franco-British plans to intervene within the war, it is possible that these locations will also appear. Games may deal with entirely historical events, however it is not a requirement and fictional interpretation or storytelling is allowed (For historically accurate material, please search the appropriate genre). Some games may use the Winter War as a backdrop or setting to tell an plot or story independent from the war itself.

Selected Covers

Talvisota: Icy Hell Windows Front Cover Front
Front cover for Talvisota: Icy Hell
Hearts of Iron II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hearts of Iron II

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Main menu
Screenshot from Talvisota: Icy Hell
Screenshot from Hearts of Iron II
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