Incursion series

Group Description

The Incursion games are tower defense games where the towers are shacks manned by three warriors. Possible classes are fighter, archer and mage. After a shack is manned by three warriors, it is possible to upgrade them. After the third upgrade the player can choose between two different branches, e.g. the mage can be upgraded to a priest who heals and powers allies or to a lightning mage who deals chain damage and can summon a support warrior. In addition to the "normal" warriors there is at least the main hero present on the map.

In every level there is a special item which can be activated, special allies or a special foe which can be defeated for a reward. Completing missions will be rewarded with skill points that can be used to upgrade the warriors. In addition to that there are achievements, which will also be rewarded with skill points.

Selected Covers

Incursion: The Thing iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Incursion: The Thing

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Main menu
Screenshot from Incursion
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