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Kohan series

Group Description

Kohan is a series of real-time strategy games with role-playing elements, set in a fantasy world.

The troops are commanded in squats, where each squad has a group of four core units and two support units. The core units have to be of the same unit type. The leader of a squad is either a captain or a immortal hero. During combat all members of the squad gain experience points and may gain additional levels which results in better combat abilities. As long as a member of the squad is alive, all units may be resurrected with the origin amount of experience points. Only the heroes keep the experience points after their death.

To create and support squads, the player builds settlements. In the settlements there is a couple of different buildings which can be created. Some of the buildings produce resources only, other increase the defense of the settlement. In addition to that unlock some buildings new kinds of units. The basic defense of a settlement is the local militia, which is able to defend roaming monsters but cannot deal with a major attack.

Beside the enemy settlements, there are neutral monsters and monster dwellings on the map. Most of the monster dwellings will spawn troops of roaming monsters, which have to be defeated. To stop the monsters the monster dwelling has to be destroyed, which will also be rewarded with some resources. In addition to that there are some major monsters like dragons, which will guard treasures, and also capture able buildings, which will unlocks unique units and upgrades for the current map.

Selected Covers

Kohan: Ahriman's Gift Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kohan: Ahriman's Gift
Kohan Warchest Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kohan Warchest
Kohan II: Kings of War Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kohan II: Kings of War

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from Kohan: Ahriman's Gift
Main menu
Screenshot from Kohan II: Kings of War
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