Kudos series

Group Description

The Kudos series are a series of life simulation games. These games typically give the player daily decisions they have to make. In these games, players are encouraged to try their best to find happiness while doing things such as making new friends, socializing, and simply just surviving the daily grind. According to the developer's website it was the original inspiration for the game The Sims Social.

Selected Covers

Kudos 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kudos 2
Kudos Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kudos
Kudos: Rock Legend Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kudos: Rock Legend

Selected Screenshots

Description of your day at work
Screenshot from Kudos 2
The game's main menu - this was taken from the demo version of the game
Screenshot from Kudos
Book gig screen
Screenshot from Kudos: Rock Legend
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