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atari yars

Mastermind variants

Group Description

Games featuring gameplay similar to that of the code-breaking board game Mastermind.

Mastermind was invented by Mordechai Meirovich and first displayed at the Nurenburg Toy Fair in 1971. Rights were bought by Invicta and it became the most popular packaged game around the Christmas season of 1975. Many computer adaptations were to follow.

The game is preceded by similar code breaking games such as Bulls and Cows, also known as Bulls and Cleots, these games can be included in this group.

Selected Covers

3D Game Collection Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for 3D Game Collection
Crazy School Games Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy School Games
Word Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Word Games
Guess Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Guess

Selected Screenshots

Title screen / Main menu
Screenshot from Crazy School Games
The main menu
Screenshot from Word Games
Beginning of a game
Screenshot from Guess
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atari yars