Group Description

Named after its original 1978 instance the Multi User Dungeon at Essex University, MUDs are multiplayer online games, precursors to the MMORPGs, typically but not always played in text mode, typically but not always connected to over the Internet (sometimes over dial-up connections or through other online services), generally presenting environments presented and navigated according to the conventions of early text adventure games, often featuring RPG hack and slash combat and character stat development.

The family of games has burgeoned to bud off related genres of MOOs, MUSHes, and MUCKs, with varying emphases on roleplaying, collaborative storytelling, and general socializing.

Selected Covers

Discworld MUD DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Discworld MUD
The Two Towers Browser Front Cover
Front cover for The Two Towers
Dragon's Gate Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dragon's Gate
Achaea Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Achaea

Selected Screenshots

Starting screenshot, using web client
Screenshot from The Two Towers
Login page.
Screenshot from Achaea
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