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Games set in the Neopets universe, the setting of the popular "virtual pet" website was originally created in 1999 as a pastime for college students; it's since evolved into something more kid-oriented, and has become a rather succesful franchise.


The setting of is Neopia, a planet inhabited by the tens of species of the titular creatures, who resemble dragons, kittens, bats, etc. Like any self-respecting fantasy land, Neopia has medieval kingdoms, spooky nightmarish lands, floating cities, as well as a healthy dose of monsters and other odd beings. When it comes to the status of the Neopets themselves, the website is rather schizophrenic. On one hand, the website has the players adopt Neopets as--uh--pets to care for: this involves feeding the Neopet, playing with it to keep it happy, pitting it against other Neopets in the "Battledome", and treating it like a housepet in general. On the other hand, in most of the official games, lore and stories, Neopets are depicted as sapient creatures that inhabit Neopia like any normal civilization, and humans are absent.

Browser games

Apart from the computer and console games, the website is rife with online games to play; most can be played without registering an account on the website. However, a player who is logged into his Neopets account can convert his game score to "Neopoints", the virtual currency used on the website.

Selected Covers

Neopets Puzzle Adventure Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Neopets Puzzle Adventure
Neopets Puzzle Adventure Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Neopets Puzzle Adventure
Goparokko Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Goparokko

Selected Screenshots

The starting screen, under a blazing sun.
Screenshot from Destruct-O-Match
Title screen.
Screenshot from Neopets Puzzle Adventure
Main menu
Screenshot from Whack-A-Kass
Title screen
Screenshot from Word Poker
Main screen
Screenshot from NeggSweeper
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