Paper Mario series

Group Description

The Paper Mario series, created by Intelligent Systems, have elements of RPGs mixed with platform games. The RPG elements usually consist of leveling-up stats, buying items, talking to NPCs for information, and turn based battles; although, in Super Paper Mario, battles were in real time. The platform elements are like a traditional Mario game. In the first two Paper Mario games, Mario usually can move in three dimensions. In Super Paper Mario, the main characters mostly only move in two dimensions, but Mario can sometimes move in three dimensions for a short period of time.

Selected Covers

Paper Mario Nintendo 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Paper Mario
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Selected Screenshots

Bowser's messing with the story and causing trouble!
Screenshot from Paper Mario
Title Screen
Screenshot from Super Paper Mario
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