Perfect Dark series

Group Description

Perfect Dark is a series of action games by Rare, initiating with a 2000 3D first-person shooter of the same name. The games are set in a fictional version of the 21st century, where powerful corporations fight for dominance over Earth and contact with alien races. The recurrent protagonist is Joanna Dark, an agent working for the Carrington Institute, who tries to foil the plans of the malevolent dataDyne corporation.

Selected Covers

Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Perfect Dark Zero
Perfect Dark Game Boy Color Front Cover
Front cover for Perfect Dark

Selected Screenshots

Joanna Dark prepares to whup ass on the first level
Screenshot from Perfect Dark
Joanna Dark in the intro.
Screenshot from Perfect Dark Zero
Title screen.
Screenshot from Perfect Dark
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