Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania series

Group Description

This group consists of Empire Interactive's series of games where the player needs to control the flow of a liquid by changing/adding pipes to divert the flow to a predetermined drain or reservoir. There is usually a time limit to complete this action, before the game area overflows.

This gameplay idea inspired the creation of several other games which can be found in the following game group:

Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania variants

Selected Covers

Pipe Dream DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Pipe Dream
Pipe Dreams 3D PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Pipe Dreams 3D
Pipe Mania iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for Pipe Mania

Selected Screenshots

LucasFilm Games opening splash screen
Screenshot from Pipe Dream
Title Screen
Screenshot from Pipe Dreams 3D
Title screen.
Screenshot from Pipe Mania
Game group created by Kabushi (209431)