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Protagonist: Baby / Toddler

Group Description

Games that feature a protagonist baby, toddler, or equivalent humanoid child between the ages of one and three. Protagonist may feature baldness, annoying levels of cuteness, serious lack of personal hygiene, and incomprehensible language abilities.

  • Although primarily for humanoid protagonists, non-humanoid protagonist may also be included if said protagonist features characteristics similar to babyish features commonly found among humanoid babies. A one year old dragon which displays features similar to that of a full grown dragon for example, should be excluded from this game group.

  • This game group should only include games where the protagonist is primarily a baby or toddler for the most part of the game. A protagonist that experiences an aging process of getting older or younger (e.g. baby grows to become a teenager or teenager under mysterious conditions becomes a baby) should be excluded from this game group. Refer instead to the Gameplay Feature: Aging game group.
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Selected Covers

Baby Walking Simulator Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Baby Walking Simulator
Rugrats: Time Travelers Game Boy Color Front Cover
Front cover for Rugrats: Time Travelers
Among the Sleep Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Among the Sleep
Murasaki Baby PS Vita Front Cover
Front cover for Murasaki Baby

Selected Screenshots

Title screen (English version)
Screenshot from Rugrats: Castle Capers
Title screen (French version)
Screenshot from Rugrats: Time Travelers
Title screen
Screenshot from Among the Sleep
Rugrats Go Wild start screen
Screenshot from Rugrats Go Wild
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