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atari mania

Protagonist: Hunter & Hunted

Group Description

This game group should contain games that have at least 2 playable character where one is hunter and the other is being hunted by the first character. The relationship can be hunter - prey, police - criminal, or any other such case where one character hunts the other.

Hunting doesn't refer to just literally chasing someone, if one player is a detective trying to find out the culprit and another criminal who tries to evade detection and mask his crime, this too would mean the one is hunting the other even though detective may not be aware of who he is hunting at first.

All these requirement are necessary for game to be in this group:
  • Game needs to have at least 2 playable characters.
  • Playable characters must be in a direct hunter - hunted relationship.
  • Both playable characters must be playable in a same course of the game (could be simultaneously (2-players) or one at the time (singleplayer)). -- What "in the same course of the game" means is that if the game has two campaign scenarios where player can play either as cop or a villain where player can either be chased by or chase the AI controlled player, such game does not qualify to be in this group.
Games that should not be in this group:
  • When player can control either hunter or hunted while the other character is AI controlled, otherwise all animal hunting games or police/criminal games would fall under this category.
  • Any sort of racing game (unless the police cars are included where they can hunt down racers) does not qualify as hunter - hunted relationship because goal isn't to hunt other opponents but to win the race.

Selected Covers

Heavy Rain PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Heavy Rain
Indigo Prophecy Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Indigo Prophecy

Selected Screenshots

Main title.
Screenshot from Heavy Rain
Loading Screen
Screenshot from Indigo Prophecy
Main menu
Screenshot from Call of Juarez
Main title
Screenshot from Detroit: Become Human
Game group created by MAT (233919), additional games added to group by Victor Vance (15396) and JudgeDeadd (27724)
atari mania