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Following several years after The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Radical Entertainment creates another free-roaming, open world super hero type game called Prototype. In the original Prototype, the story, which is set in New York, revolves around Alex Mercer, an amnesiac man infected by the Blacklight virus (created by Gentek scientists), who gains incredible superpowers after being infected. Throughout the game, Alex discovers more of his back story by consuming people. Alex is usually forced to do battle with U.S. Marines and Blackwatch troops on one side and the infected monsters on the other. The second game in the series continues the story of the first game with the plot revolving around what exactly Alex Mercer has been up to after the events of the first game. The protagonist is now a former US Marine Sergeant names James Heller, who after his wife and child die from a second release of the Blacklight virus (now dubbed the Mercer virus), seeks revenge on Alex Mercer as that's who he holds accountable for his family's death. However, Alex Mercer infects Heller with a variant of the virus, because Mercer wants Heller to join his side in eradicating the Blacklight virus. However, Heller becomes suspicious of Mercer's motives and now equipped with superhuman powers intends to uncover the truth about what's really going on.

Due to poor sales of Prototype 2 (with the game’s global sales estimated by VGChartz at just 390,000 units at the end of June 2012), Radical Entertainment was shut down as a development studio with the remaining employees turning into a team that help support other developers at Activision.

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Prototype Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Prototype
Prototype 2 PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Front cover for Prototype 2

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Screenshot from Prototype
Main menu.
Screenshot from Prototype 2
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