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Games in id Software's 3D first-person-shooter series, Quake, sporadically recounting the ongoing saga of Earth's war against the Stroggs.


  • PC Gamer
    • October 2001 – #17 in the" Top 50 Best Games of All Time" list (for the whole series)
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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
id Anthology1996DOS, Macintosh, Windowsid Software, Inc.4.35
Aftershock Toolbox for Quake1996DOS, WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc.1.48
Q21996DOSCrystalVision Brand Software...
Quake1996Acorn 32-bit, Amiga, DOS, Linux, Macintosh, Nintendo 64, SEGA Saturn, Windows, Windows Mobile, Zeeboid Software, Inc.3.99
Aftershock for Quake1996DOS, WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc.2.97
Q!Zone1996DOS, WindowsWizardWorks Group, Inc.2.05
Dark Hour for Quake1996DOS, WindowsMicroforum International1.56
Malice: 23rd Century Ultraconversion for Quake1997DOS, Macintosh, WindowsQuantum Axcess4.59
Tremor for Quake1997DOS, WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc....
Deathmatch Maker1997DOS, WindowsMacmillan Digital Publishing USA3.14
Quake Mission Pack No. I: Scourge of Armagon1997DOS, Windows, Windows Mobileid Software, Inc.4.09
Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity1997DOS, Windows, Windows Mobileid Software, Inc.4.05
Quake II1997Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation, Windows, ZeeboActivision, Inc.3.70
Shrak for Quake1997DOS, WindowsQuantum Axcess3.48
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning1998Windowsid Software, Inc.3.89
Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero1998Windowsid Software, Inc.3.84
Juggernaut: The New Story For Quake II1998WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc.3.09
Quake II Netpack I: Extremities1998Windowsid Software, Inc....
Zaero for Quake II1998WindowsMacmillan Digital Publishing USA3.87
Quake and The Ultimate DOOM Compilation1998DOS, WindowsGT Interactive Software Europe Ltd.4.95
Quake: The Offering1998DOS, Linux, Windowsid Software, Inc....
Deathmatch Maker 21998WindowsMacmillan Digital Publishing USA...
Abyss of Pandemonium1998DOSPerfect Publishing...
Quake II1999Nintendo 64Activision, Inc.3.03
Quake III: Arena (Elite Edition)1999Linux, WindowsActivision, Inc.2.58
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Quake II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Quake II
Dark Hour for Quake DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Dark Hour for Quake
Shrak for Quake DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Shrak for Quake

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Main menu
Screenshot from Quake II
Start menu
Screenshot from Dark Hour for Quake
Skill selection
Screenshot from Shrak for Quake
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