Quake series

Group Description

Games in id Software's 3D first-person-shooter series, Quake, sporadically recounting the ongoing saga of Earth's war against the Stroggs.


  • PC Gamer
    • October 2001 – #17 in the" Top 50 Best Games of All Time" list (for the whole series)
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Selected Covers

Q2 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Q2
Q!Zone DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Q!Zone
Quake Nintendo 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Quake

Selected Screenshots

This is the utmost detailing you'll see in this pack... and I'm not joking.
Screenshot from Q2
New console background. [Custom engine of choice: FitzQuake 0.85]
Screenshot from Q!Zone
I´m gonna paint that mark on my door as well :)
Screenshot from Quake
The supplied front-end.
Screenshot from Tremor for Quake
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