Group Description

Reality-On-The-Norm is a long-running series of games (most of them made in AGS), created by many different people, all of them set in a shared world.

The setting for the games is a fictional town of Reality-on-the-Norm (or simply "Reality" for short), hardly an ordinary town, inhabited by a multitude of peculiar individuals, introduced by the numerous RotN authors.

Any type of game which adheres to the basic rules is accepted into the project, although adventure games are the majority.

The concept of the project has been created around 2000 on the AGS forums. The first RotN game was Lunchtime of the Damned, created by Yahtzee in 2001.

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Selected Covers

Root of all Evil Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Root of all Evil

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from That Crazy World
Bank of Reality
Screenshot from Root of all Evil
Title Screen
Screenshot from MI5 Bob: Before RON
Reality-on-the-Norm welcomes you
Screenshot from The Crazed Chicken
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