Rocket Knight series

Group Description

A series of platform games from Konami that started with Rocket Knight Adventures for the Genesis in 1993. All games star an opossum called Sparkster as the protagonist. A distinct feature of the game is his ability to propel himself into the air using a rocket pack fitted on his back. The games are set in the kingdom Zephyrus, in a world called Ethorn. Sparkster's nemesis is called Axel Gear.

In 1994 the sequel Sparkster was released for the Genesis, along with a spin-off for the SNES using the same name Sparkster, but the latter did not continue the series' storyline.

Sixteen years later the series was rebooted with the release of Rocket Knight in 2010, developed by the UK studio Climax Studios Ltd. as a downloadable title for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The story was continued, but the classic 2D perspective was altered into a 2.5D environment with pseudo 3D elements. Other familiar game elements were retained.

Selected Covers

Sparkster Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Sparkster
Rocket Knight Adventures Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Rocket Knight Adventures
Sparkster SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Sparkster
Rocket Knight Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Rocket Knight

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Sparkster
Title Screen
Screenshot from Rocket Knight Adventures
Main menu and you can also see the airship that capturered the girl.
Screenshot from Sparkster
Main menu
Screenshot from Rocket Knight
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