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Setting: Chinese Qin Dynasty

Group Description

Qin Dynasty (Chinese: 秦朝) was the first imperial dynasty to control China; its ruler called himself the First Emperor of Qin (Qin Shihuang). The dynasty reigned over China for only fourteen years, from 221 to 207 BC, but has left an indelible mark on Chinese history. Two of the country's most famous landmarks, the Great Chinese Wall and the Terracotta Army, were constructed during its rule. The name for "China" in most Western languages (including the English word "China") is derived from the Chinese name "Qin". However, the short-lived Qin period was also marked by a totalitarian regime and brutal persecutions, collectively named "book-burning and scholar-burying".

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Selected Covers

Bawang Bie Ji Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bawang Bie Ji
Great Qin Warriors Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Great Qin Warriors
Prince of Qin Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Prince of Qin

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Bawang Bie Ji
The main menu.
Screenshot from Great Qin Warriors
Main Menu Screen
Screenshot from Prince of Qin
Game group created by Unicorn Lynx (181419)
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