Setting: City - Vancouver

Group Description

Games in which at least part of the setting is the city of Vancouver, Canada. The setting can be historical, present, or futuristic (including imaginary versions of the city).

  • The game must be set in the city itself, not a surrounding area.
  • Games that simply claim to take place in Vancouver are permitted, even without a recognizable landmark.
  • Games that take place solely on a global or regional map featuring the city (e.g. strategy games), should not be added here.

Selected Covers

Airport Madness 3D Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Airport Madness 3D
Mass Effect 3 PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Mass Effect 3
Vancouver 2010 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Vancouver 2010

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Mass Effect 3
Urging the user to familiarize themselves with the hypertext-navigation environment
Screenshot from Love's Fiery Imbroglio
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