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Setting: Country - Croatia

Group Description

Games in which at least part of the setting is Croatia as a country. The setting can be historical, present, or futuristic (including imaginary versions of the country).

  • Actual gameplay part must be available inside the country itself, not a surrounding area.
  • If the country is only seen through cinematic or as an area on the map, the game should not be included in this game group.
  • For past and present timeline, the country name must exist as such (for example, games set in Roman Empire would not qualify in the country of Italy because the country didn't exist as such at the time).
  • For futuristic setting, the country can expand or shrink or be in other areas than current (i.e. if the country would start a war and take entire world, then any location there could constitute as a location within that country).
  • Country's colonies DO NOT qualify as country (whether on Earth or in sci-fi cases, on other planets).
  • Country must be known under the designated name in the group title, if the country changes its name upon expansion or otherwise, it does no longer fit this criteria.

Notice that cities are not constant subcategories to a country. For example games set in Rome may or may not be part of the Country: Italy, depending on the time and setting. Cities sometimes change names over time and usually don't move or change borders as countries do.

Selected Covers

Zombie Army 4: Dead War PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Front cover for Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Selected Screenshots

Shotgun Blast
Screenshot from Zombie Army 4: Dead War
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