Special version releases

Group Description

This group focuses on Special, Collector's, Platinum, Limited, Augmented and other editions of the games that were released at the same time (or very close to) as the regular game. These games usually don't have any additional game content, but may include various figurines, soundtrack, making-of content discs, artworks, books, and similar memorabilia.

Editions that are released much later and usually contain latest patches, DLCs, add-ons and more, are not part of this group. As such, "Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition)" that includes all downloadable contents, but is released almost two years after the base game is not a special version release of the original game, but more of an updated re-release.

In rough estimate, any special edition released in the same month as the regular game release should be part of this group.

There are no games that belong to this group.

Game group created by MAT (186091)