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SpellForce series

Group Description

SpellForce games are a mixture of role-playing and real-time strategy. The player controls and customizes an avatar like in a RPG. By defeating monsters and solving quests the avatar gains experience and raise in levels. For each new level there are skill points available to improve known skills or to learn new skills. By collecting runes, the player can summon additional heroes to his side. The avatar as well as the heroes can be equipped freely, considering their skills.

In the RTS part the player summons workers to collect resources and to construct buildings. The buildings are required to train troops which fight the enemies (with or without the help of the avatar / heroes). The player need plans to construct buildings and runes to train troops.

To summon heroes or workers a monument is needed. There are separate monuments for the heroes and for each playable race. In some missions there are no heroes available, other missions have to be completed only with the avatar and the heroes. Merchants sell equipment and spells, but also new plans for buildings as well as new runes for units. Another way to get new equipment / spells / plans / runes is to defeat monsters and to collect treasures.
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SpellForce: Gold Edition Windows Front Cover
Front cover for SpellForce: Gold Edition
SpellForce: Universe Windows Front Cover
Front cover for SpellForce: Universe

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