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Star Fox series

Group Description

A long-running series revolving around the adventures of the Star Fox Team as they try to defend their home planet, Corneria, and the rest of the Lylat System, usually from the evil emperor, Andross, although recent titles in the series have deviated from this. Throughout the series, players have always taken control of Fox McCloud, the leader of the Star Fox team, in the single-player mode.

With the original game developed in a collaboration between Nintendo and Argonaut, Star Fox is, for the most part, a 3rd person rail-shooter, although many incarnations of the series have featured "all range mode," where the game allows you the freedom to navigate in a box of 3D space.

The first two games in the series that were released, Star Fox and Star Fox 64, introduced ground-breaking new technology and concepts to the video game industry. Star Fox for the Super Famicom/SNES introduced the Super FX chip and featured polygonal graphics. Star Fox 64 introduced the "Rumble Pak," a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 that provided force feedback depending on what was happening onscreen. After the fifth generation of consoles, rumble became a standard in videogame controllers.

Star Fox has made its portable debut in the form of Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. The game is not only the Star Fox series' first handheld appearance, but it is also the first iteration of the series to allow for online competitive play. After the series got off track and began focusing on ground combat and exploration in Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault, Star Fox Command promises to return the series to its roots with purely Arwing combat.

Selected Covers

Star Fox Adventures GameCube Front Cover
Front cover for Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Star Fox
Star Fox 64 3D Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Star Fox 64 3D
Star Fox Command Nintendo DS Front Cover Fixed left side.
Front cover for Star Fox Command

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Star Fox Adventures
The title screen of the US version, showing the four heroes.
Screenshot from Star Fox
Title screen.
Screenshot from Picross NP Vol.4
Intro FMV
Screenshot from Star Fox Assault
Title Screen (UK version)
Screenshot from Star Fox: Super Weekend
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