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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a series of role-playing games initially developed by BioWare, which are set in the Star Wars universe, four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire as described in the move prequel trilogy. Despite the significant time gap in the setting, the games retain many recurrent elements of the Star Wars franchise, including its sci-fi themes. As in the movies, the storylines of the games are primarily dedicated to the confrontation between the Jedi and Sith ideologies. The player is often able to make moral decisions, subsequently tending towards the Light or the Dark side of the Force, or remaining neutral.

The role-playing rules of the Knights of the Old Republic are based on those of the Star Wars Role-Playing Game by Wizards of the Coast, itself being derived from the Dungeons & Dragons rule set. Combat system follows the "real-time with pause" formula, first used by BioWare in their Baldur's Gate games.

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