subLOGIC's Flight Simulator scenery add-ons

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SubLOGIC's add-on packages containing additional scenery (terrain, airports, cities, navaids etc.) for use with subLOGIC's Flight Simulator II, Flight Assignment: Airline Transport Pilot, UFO, Jet, Thunderchopper, and Stealth Mission.
They can also be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.x.

There are 12 Scenery Disks in total that cover the continental US, plus 4 special ones covering Western Europe, Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco. They are derived from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sectional Aeronautical Charts and Airport/Facility Directories.

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For third-party developed add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator series check the group: Unofficial add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator games

Selected Covers

USA East DOS Front Cover
Front cover for USA East

Selected Screenshots

Mt Fuji
Screenshot from Japan Scenery Disk
Houston, San Antonio and Dallas
Screenshot from Scenery Disk 1
Detroit and Lake Huron
Screenshot from Scenery Disk 11
Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco
Screenshot from Scenery Disk 3
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