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Taxman games

Group Description

Games based around the "Taxman" concept, invented by Diane Resek in the early 1970s. From a limited pool of numbers, the player takes a number and gains the selected amount of points. However, the computer opponent then takes for himself all the numbers which are real factors of the chosen number. If no real factors are present, the number cannot be chosen by the player and is taken by the computer. The game ends when there are no more numbers available, at which point the player wins if he has scored more points than the computer.

In Germany, the game is known as "Zahlenhai" ("Number Shark").

External links
  • The Taxman Sequence - Number of maximum points possible for N numbers. Entry A019312 in the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Also contains notes by Dan Hoey on calculating the results.
  • The Taxman Game - An article by Robert K. Moniot, concerning the game and its strategies.

Selected Covers

Troll Factor Android Front Cover
Front cover for Troll Factor
Number Game Spectravideo Front Cover
Front cover for Number Game

Selected Screenshots

The slowly-scrolling story at the beginning of the game.
Screenshot from Troll Factor
The shark picture changes with every new game.
Screenshot from Number Shark
Start of the game
Screenshot from Taxman Game
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