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Theme: Holy Grail

Group Description

The Holy Grail was supposedly the cup used by Jesus Christ at the last supper. This group includes games that deal with stories about the "Holy Grail", whether depicted in ancient times or modern times or as part of King Arthur's quest to find it.

Selected Covers

The Da Vinci Code PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for The Da Vinci Code
Azrael's Tear DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Azrael's Tear
Grail to the Thief Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Grail to the Thief

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from The Da Vinci Code
Title Screen
Screenshot from Azrael's Tear
Title Screen (EGA)
Screenshot from Lancelot
Game group created by chirinea (46640), additional games added to group by piltdown_man (198214), Pseudo_Intellectual (63202), Scaryfun (17977) and Virgil (8602)