Valis series

Group Description

Valis is a series of platform action games developed by various subsidiaries of Telenet Japan. The games share a common story arc and a recurrent protagonist, a Japanese teenage girl named YĆ«ko Asou (Yuko Ahso in most English translations), who is summoned to a parallel world known as Vecanti, which she must protect with the help of the magical sword Valis. This sword is usually also the primary weapon in most of the games; it can be upgraded to shoot projectiles of various types. In most Valis games the protagonists also have access to magic spells. Later installments of the series allow the player to switch between multiple protagonists.

Selected Covers

Valis IV TurboGrafx CD Front Cover
Front cover for Valis IV
Valis Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Valis
Valis III Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Valis III
Syd of Valis Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Syd of Valis

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Valis IV
Title screen
Screenshot from Mugen Senshi Valis II
She was just a simple schoolgirl...
Screenshot from Valis
The bad guy - Glames
Screenshot from Valis III
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