Words Worth series

Group Description

Words Worth (ワーズ・ワース) is a series of adult role-playing games by Elf. The first game was released for Japanese computers in 1993. In 1999, a five-part adult animated movie based on the game's story was created. In the same year, a remake of the original game followed, retaining the story but completely overhauling gameplay with first-person action mechanics. The plot of the games and subsequent anime movies focuses on a fantasy world where the tribes of Shadow and Light are at war with each other, and the protagonist Astral, a Shadow prince, is given the opportunity to see the conflict from both sides.

Selected Covers

Words Worth Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Words Worth

Selected Screenshots

Cute Elf logo
Screenshot from Words Worth
Title screen of the new game, "Words Worth no Hitobito"
Screenshot from Words Worth: XP Taiōban
Title screen + Main menu
Screenshot from Words Worth
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