Xak series

Group Description

Xak is a series of medieval-themed action role-playing games by Micro Cabin. The title refers to the world of humans, which exists alongside Oceanity (the world of faeries) and Zekisis (the world of demons). The three worlds came to exist after the War of Sealing between ancient, but increasingly powerless gods and demons ended in the latter's defeat. The storylines of the games focus on Latok Kart, a warrior who must vanquish demons that found their way into the world of Xak.

Gameplay-wise, Xak games drew much inspiration from Falcom's Ys series, focusing on simple character-building, exploration of complex overhead areas, and action-based "bumping" combat. The gameplay system is distinguished by Latok's ability to jump, which is sometimes required to overcome obstacles in the games.

Selected Covers

Xak I・II TurboGrafx CD Front Cover
Front cover for Xak I・II

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Xak I・II
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