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This group includes Xenogears and Xenosaga games. These are Japanese-style role-playing games (RPGs), notable for their complex storylines, giant robot combat, and usage of symbolic references to teachings and myths of Judaism and Christianity.

Xenogears (1998) was released as a stand-alone game by Square. Its lead designer Tetsuya Takahashi left the company, and founded Monolith Soft. The new company began working on the Xenosaga project. In 2003, Namco published the first episode of the planned six. However, the last three episodes were never released, and the story was wrapped up in the third installment.

Xenosaga games are directly connected to each other story-wise; basically, it is one long story divided into three parts. The plot connection with Xenogears is less obvious, but many common themes and a few characters that bear strong resemblance to each other indicate that Xenosaga games are prequels to Xenogears.

In all these games, characters are able to pilot giant mechs (called "gears"), and use them in battles. The exact battle mechanics, with gears or otherwise, vary from game to game.

Selected Covers

Xenogears PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Xenogears
Xenosaga I+II Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Xenosaga I+II

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Title screen
Screenshot from Xenogears
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