Yahtzee variants

Group Description

Licensed and unlicensed computer conversions of the Milton Bradley-Hasbro dice game.

Selected Covers

3D Game Collection Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for 3D Game Collection
101 Casino Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for 101 Casino Games
Yatzy Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Yatzy
4-in-1 Funpak: Volume II Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for 4-in-1 Funpak: Volume II

Selected Screenshots

The CD autoloads and displays this screen
Screenshot from 101 Casino Games
A game in progress<br>The first roll of the dice has taken place. and the player is going to hold the fives and the sixes for a good two pair score and the possibility of a full house
Screenshot from Poker Dice
Main menu
Screenshot from YOTZ
The start of a new, two-handed game, this is the game's default setting
Screenshot from Kizbot
On the left you chose the dices to re-roll. If you are finished, simply click on the wanted category on the scoring sheet
Screenshot from Kiriki
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