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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Missions are based on several James Bond movies.
Sniping at James Bond in the opening cut-scene.
Tutorial mission.
Something tells me Goldfinger is behind this.
No pulse.
James Bond character is modeled after Daniel Craig, but voice-actor is different.
Using EMP to crash the Harrier and start the chain reaction.
Everything is going to hell, but guards are still fighting back.
Surprised by the guard spawning next to the closed door.
Aiming down the sight will remove the aiming cursor and slightly zoom in the image.
Shoot at the pipe to put out the fire.
Use your earned experience to upgrade your weapons and character skills.
Weapons upgrade shop.
They seem to be making these Harriers like it's nothing.
You might've disrupted his plans, but Goldfinger has other plans to execute.
Watch out for bazookas.
Reaching the first barricade.
All missions are done as a series of flashbacks.
The love birds are just about to be rudely interrupted.
Skiing and shooting may prove tricky at best.
Commandeering the vehicle, GTA style.
Watch out for bazooka troopers at the side of the road.
Checking the back view for the lack of pursuers.
Direct hit... luckily, this jeep can take a few.
Firefight on the cistern truck.
Well she isn't Halle Berry, but other key actors have retained their recognizable face models.
Some missions will require you to use your smartphone.
Scanning the keypad to find out the possible combinations, the rest is handled through trial and error, though.
First thing, securing our escape route, and that means the chopper.
Fighting your way through the cargo plane toward the cockpit.
Close-combat is done by hitting the key exposed parts of your opponent before he hits back.
Boss fights may occasionally sprung out quick-time events at you.
Now that cargo door is open, need to find a suitable vehicle for escape.
Escaping just barely, the James Bond style.
Checking gathered MI6 intelligence report on the characters.
Docking onto the orbital station in a Moonraker movie flashback.
Some missions will automatically fail if you get spotted and raise an alarm.

Windows version

Load Screen.
Main Menu. (Russian version)
Agent listens a first mission goal.
Good Shot.
Enemy Down
He was killed at point blank range.
Mission failed!

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