007: Nightfire Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.

Xbox version

Main Menu
Main Title (from the menu trailer)
A typical Bond opening video we use to see in the movies.
Opening sequence just like in the movies.
One of the option menus, the game even includes trailer to Die Another Day, most recent Bond movie.
Introductory to our hero in a well known way.
Good looking, but not on your side, sidekick.
Good thing James still didn't loose his sense of humor.
Mission selection screen.
Every mission has different loading screens.
James is sniping down enemy pursuit from the helicopter.
NFS engine or not, this is a whole new driving experience.
Driving with a high velocity where you shouldn't at all.
Testing the rockets on enemy cars.
Oh boy, I've gotta feeling Q will be pissed when he sees the car.
Ingame menu screen.
Dropping with a parachute was easy, now we need to find a way to the party inside these walls.
Putting a silencer just to be sure we're talking about a stealth mission.
Hey, didn't anyone tell you it's not nice to shoot behind someone's ear.
Using Q's lighter... err, I mean micro-camera, duh.
When you see a screen tilted with red patters that means you're shot, and there's no time to talk.
Escaping the castle compound via snowmobile.
Whatever does Bond do to attract such a heavy pursuit every time he leaves.
Shooting at driver is much more efficient then shooting at vehicle.
Using a sniper is quite kewl, but since everyone has a sniper there, you're just as easy target as they are.
Looks like someone installed Q worm on this computer... I wonder who could've done it ;)
Most efficient weapon is usually that you pick up from your foes.
Another one of the classical gadgets, wrist watch with a laser.
Testing the torpedoes... delightfully.
You can always check your car from the first and see why the lights aren't working properly.