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aka: Salaiset Kansiot, The X Files, The X-Files: Expediente X - El Juego, The X-Files: Le Jeu
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As an extension of one of the most long-running television series of all time, The X-Files, play through the eyes of Special Agent Craig Willmore, a new FBI field investigator brought in to locate missing agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully whose last location was the Everett, Washington, area. In this "movie quality" video production, characters are played by the actors and actresses from the show, including Gillian Anderson (Scully) and David Duchovny (Mulder).

As the game begins, you are given a briefing of your mission. Gather up all state-of-the-art spy tools (night vision goggles, a digital camera, PDA, lock picks, evidence kit, a standard issue revolver, handcuffs and badge) and then head out to follow their trail. As you explore the various locations, take photographs, pick up pieces of evidence and talk with people. Use your Newton PDA to access the navigational map, to make notes and send/receive e-mail. Trace telephone numbers, run background checks and license plate ids and even post an All Points Bulletin on missing persons using the computer network at your home or office. By using photo viewer software, download field photographs to the computer where they can be enlarged and studied more closely for clues.

Features include emotion icons for interjecting different tones during conversations (mean, humorous or technical) which effect the answer given. An in-game hint system, Artificial Intelligence, can be set on or off. In addition, there are multiple endings as a direct result of actions you take.


  • X档案 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 70% (based on 46 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 53 ratings with 5 reviews)

A very good adventure game

The Good
I liked how there was multiple paths, and dialogue options, and how they were all woven into the main plot. I also liked how every game is different (if you want it to be.)

The Bad
The one thing that Fox Interactive could have done was to reduce the amount of CD-swaps. I mean, the Windows version has 7 CDs, while the Playstation version has only 4, and the Playstations version has better graphics. Big difference!!!

The Bottom Line
Go out and buy it. It's basically an X-files Episode converted into a game. Oh, and did I mention to go out and buy it?

Windows · by James1 (240) · 2001

More fun than watching an episode.

The Good
Let's get one thing straight first - I am no fan of X-Files series, nor do I like watching them, at least not the newer ones. I found the series to be interesting during first couple of seasons, but later when they started to work more on supernatural and diabolical instead of extraterrestrial, it became nothing but a load of huey. This game balances somewhere in between the two.

Don't fool yourself to think you'll be actually controlling Fox or Dana, no, you're just a newly created FBI agent which will be in charge of finding their whereabouts after they go missing, soon after the opening cinematic. Seeing David Duchovny (playing Fox Mulder, I like that actor, he's much more interesting and intriguing character) and Gillian Anderson (playing Dana Scully, very dull, boring and overly annoying character, actually) in the game kinda add to the feeling of playing through a single episode of X-Files, and makes you wonder why they agreed to act in such a game. Just a joke, it's a fine game if we neglect some annoyances, if I do say so myself.

Although music can sometimes be very static, it tunes up the atmosphere like it is supposed to be. No more than necessary. Acting is sort-of typical and kinda feels more like watching the series than playing the game, and cannot be neatly compared to that of A Puzzle of Flesh or The Beast Within. Screen resolution is most of times used in very wide screen as in wider than 16:9, quite wider, even when you're playing. It very rarely comes up to 4:3 aspect ratio.

The story is overly suspenseful and gives you some stuff to think, adds cover-up stories, alternate cases, secrecy, lies, and partnership in which you never know how sure it's to trust. In certain cases I might've been more disappointed by this game, but due to a fact I knew what I was buying, at least according to the title, I got more than enough not to grunge.

The Bad
This game has pretty terrible interface. I dunno if it was game's bug or the fact I was playing it on PS2 instead of original PSX, but the graphic was screwed most of the time. Mouse, sorry, gamepad cursors were either doubled or pretty unrecognizable, but one I remembered which unrecognizeable cursor means what, it was a bit easier to play.

Perspective used here is first-person one, and I can't say I'm fond of such, not when done in this way. Sure, there are some great exceptions like Blackstone Chronicles in which I wouldn't trade first-person perspective for anything, but I can't help but to think The X Files would look much better if played from third-person perspective, sort of like Phantasmagoria or Gabriel Knight II. Hopping from screen to screen didn't always seem to be right in place.

Ending of a game seemed too... well, ordinary. Kinda unfinished and very short. From all this story and premise I expected much bigger conclusion than what it ended like. And why making the end look like continuation, beats me, I doubt they even considered making a sequel out of this game, this whole game suspiciously looks like an episode where two main characters appear casually, and so they thought "hey, why not making a game out of this episode instead".

The Bottom Line
For every X-Files fan, this game is most certainly worth the full price, but for me, it's worth half that price. However, it was on special discount so I got it for tenth of its value, almost missed it. What a shame would that be. 'Tis an X-Files episode nicely assembled to look like a game, and combining elements of adventure and light action (think Mad Dog) with interesting plot to say the least. Having it for PC or PSX, I doubt it can be that big of a difference. They just don't make games like this anymore, live-cast you say? Nope, that's history, m' man, take it before it's too late. Or better yet, find A Puzzle of Flesh or The Beast Within and take those instead. Me, I have all of forementioned. What can I say, I'm a sucker for blue-screen technology, especially when used in such quantities.

PlayStation · by MAT (238622) · 2012

A great live-action FMV game.

The Good
A LOT. It has live-action FMV videos in it. I just love that. And for a FMV game it's gameplay is not that bad. You can click forward, backwards, left and right and the picture will move to that direction. In most games you ask the questions but you can't answer them. Well here you can. Sometimes you can answer by choosing in what mood you are and sometimes you can answer whit one of 4 or 5 lines. And depending on that story will go in bad or in a good direction. Acting is OK sometimes even great. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi and some others from X-Files show are in it!! The story is not scary at the start of the game. But whit each day it gets more scary and interesting. It's story is also very good. Two agents are missing (Fox Mulder and Dana Scully) and you are assigned to find them. I don't want to tell more because I might spoil the game for somebody. It really feels like X Files episode. There are some "kick-lines" and some funny stuff too. Now about the videos. The videos look great and quality of the videos is explained by the 7 CDs. What I also like is that there are so many paths and plots that you can see. I think that there 3 possible videos for almost all scenes. About packing. If you are buying this game (some of them are without big box and manual) make sure that it has all the stuff whit it. Why? Box looks great, manual explains all that you need to know about game, and CDs are organized in files.

The Bad
NOT MUCH. Well when you get in the middle of the of CD 2 game becomes very easy and that makes it very short. So please don't cheat(it's shot enough). Anyway i wanted to see more Mulder and Scully but...hey at least they are in the game.

The Bottom Line
It's a nice, fun game. You can still get it online for a small price.

Windows · by Simon SŠkafar (52) · 2007

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The First of Many!

This was the first game ever to be entered into the MobyGames database.

Inaccurate Coordinates

In the game, the US Army has a denied operations base in Alaska, which is used for detaining and experimenting upon aliens, while using the presence of the Aurora Borealis to camouflage the flights of alien space vessels. The supposed longitude and latitude coordinates of the secret base are displayed on the screen on two occasions.

The base is obviously located on land, since you can see the outside and can walk around the inside, and after all, the troops that attack you are not floating in water wearing diving equipment. However, it is interesting that in reality, the specified coordinates are underwater, off of Dall Island in Alaska. In a recent census, Dall Island had a population of twenty people.

Music Reference

This game is referenced in the Eiffel 65 song, "My Console".

Platform Differences

The Playstation version comes on 4 CDs and has degraded graphics compared to the PC version.

The Windows PC-DVD release was bundled with different Pioneer DVD Slot-In drives (and maybe others) and never sold separately. The DVD Version includes English and French Audio. Only some Videos were upgraded to DVD-Quality, the rest was identical to the CD-ROM Version.

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