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10 Amazingly Awful Games is a compilation of 10 different games in different genres. They are:
  • All Your Beans Are Belong To Us: In this game the player takes the role of Billy the Blob who loves to eat beans and will do anything to do so. The other blobs don't want him to do so and will do anything to stop him. The game is somewhat similar to Pac-Man where the Billy has to navigate a single screen labyrinth eating all the beans while avoiding getting hit by the other blobs. To aid him Billy can release bean gas to slow down his adversaries.

  • Desert Race: This is a simple top down racing game with check points. The player has to make it to the next check point before the time runs out while avoiding traffic. Passing a check point or shooting cars along the way will add extra bonus time.

  • ETMD - Earth Defence: Earth is being invaded by aliens and it's up to the player to stop them! Aliens keep hovering down towards Earth while firing projectiles. The player controls a space ship with which he/she needs to take down the aliens before they reach Earth at the bottom of the screen. When Earth's defenses hit 0%, it's game over! This game supports up to 4 players.

  • Fishy Fishy: This is a side scrolling game in which the player controls a hungry fish. The goal is to keep eating all the smaller fishes to constantly refill the ever draining health meter. This has to be done while avoiding big fishes and other obstacles such as toxic waste barrels.

  • Greedy Worm: All the worms in the mud pile are hungry for cupcakes! In this Snake variant there are two modes of gameplay. If played single player, the task is to survive as long as possible while eating lots of cupcakes and gaining length, while avoiding the other snakes. If played in multiplayer, the goal is to eat the most cupcakes while trapping the other worms for extra points.

  • Hungry Hungry Toilets: What do toilets eat when they are hungry? Oranges fall down from the sky and by dashing and jumping the players have to have their toilet eat more oranges than the others. It's also possible to jump off of other toilets to gain extra height while at the same time stunning them. The toilet which devoured the most oranges when the timer hits zero wins.

  • Jet Pack Jack: Jack must go into the evil caves of planet Zog and retrieve the stolen cargo. To his aid he has his jet pack and a laser gun. The player controls Jack as he makes his way through the single screen caverns using his jet pack for propulsion and his laser gun to dispose of enemies (which will constantly respawn), while trying to get the cargo boxes to the teleporter. As the levels progress, the amount of cargo which needs to be collected increases.

  • Lame Invaders: Lame Invaders have decided to take over Earth, and it's up to the player to use his/her starship to take out as many of the intergalactic idiots as possible before they can finalize their plans. The game is a side scrolling shoot 'em up where the player has to take down endless waves of enemies in space while gathering bonuses.

  • Poor Man's Video Poker: This game is a simple video poker machine simulation where each bet is 1 credit. The player gets dealt a hand and can choose to hold cards for a second hand. If the second hand is good enough, credits get paid out to the player.

  • Revenge of the Blocks: Blocks have been abused by balls and bats for far too long and are out to seek revenge! Stop them before they get a change to exact revenge on you. This game plays like a mix between Breakout and Space Invaders. The player controls a paddle at the bottom of the screen with which a ball needs to be bounced up along the screen to break the blocks lurking at the top. The difference here, however is that the blocks aren't docile blocks. They keep slowly going down while firing at the paddle. Sometimes blocks will dive down on the paddle as well. The paddle on the other hand, has an automatically increasing amount of balls to use against the block uprising.


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