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10 Great Games Just For Dad! is a compilation of ten small games by separate developers put together in a package by Idigicon. Some of these games have appeared in other releases by Idigicon or by Guildhall Leisure.
Each game in this collection must be installed separately, the games in this collection are
  • 3D Arcade Chess A chess game against a computer opponent which can be set to one of ten difficulty settings

  • Delux Pontoon (2.0)
    This is a card game similar to Blackjack or Vingt-et-un in which the player aims to draw cards to a value that is higher than the value of the cards drawn by the house while being equal to 21 or less. In this game points are awarded tor winning and just surviving a hand. The game records the highest points total for each session.

  • Derby Day
    Subtitled 'Virtual Racing' this game allows up to four player(s) to bet on races on English and French courses.

  • Double Top (v1.02)
    This is a one or two player game that features two common darts games, 501 and 'Round The Clock'. It allows the player(s) to change the match duration to be the best of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 rounds, has 31 different computer opponents of varying degrees of skill, and two modes of play 'Pub Game' or 'Tournament'.

  • Fruit Machine Simulator
    This game has all the usual features, holds, nudges, feature wins, and a money trail. A later version of this was released commercially as an independent product.

  • Hanoe Tower
    Another traditional puzzle game more commonly known as "Towers of Hanoi"or "Tower of Brahma". The player starts with three poles in front of them. On the left most pole is a tower built from a series of circular blocks which decrease in size, the largest being at the bottom. The player must transfer all the blocks from the left pole to the right pole moving only one block at a time and never putting a larger block on top of smaller one. A later, more fully featured, version of this game was released commercially as an independent product.

  • Ishido
    This is a tile matching game. Player(s) must place tiles onto a grid such that the other tiles they touch have either the same design and / or the same pattern.

  • Mah Jong
    Another classic tile matching game with 40 different tile stacks and a range of backgrounds and tile sets. This game contains a level editor.

  • Showcase Pool
    This is an arcade version of Pool. The balls do not run as fast and stop much quicker than in a 'true' simulation. The game can be played against a variety of different backgrounds.

  • Showcase Snooker
    As with Showcase Pool this is an arcade version of the game Snooker. Here to the game can be played in a variety of locations and the balls stop much faster than in other simulations of this game


10 Great Games Just For Dad! Windows Mah Jong : This is the main menu. The coin to the left of the title spins.
10 Great Games Just For Dad! Windows Derby Day : The game starts with several horses running across the screen to the 'Lone Ranger' theme (a.k.a the William Tell overture). Then it gets down to the serious business of loading
10 Great Games Just For Dad! Windows Derby Day : This is the race card for this afternoon. Note the game is littered with plugs for Blitz Basic - the language the game is written in.
10 Great Games Just For Dad! Windows Double Top : in game screen. The game screen is big, easy to see and to use

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