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    Will you have the last word?

    A lively mind and a hefty dose of observation are what you need if you want to discover all the possible combinations of 3, 4, 5 or 6 letters you can make from the 6 randomly selected letters. To get to know the basic principles of the game, you may decide to take a tutorial. After that, you're free to choose between fast games and adventure mode.

    The pace of the games is set by the three types of gameplay on offer. In a Classic game, you must find the maximum number of words within a time limit. Evolution Mode involves making anagrams before the letters disappear. And the goal of the 6-Letter Challenge is to find the 6-letter word within a given number of attempts.

    As you start winning games, in addition to keeping your best scores, you build up a stock of gold that you can convert at the market into many different bonuses. And, if you choose to prioritize the most profitable letter combinations, all the options will be open to you!

    The artificial intelligence can adapt to any player, offering 3 levels of difficulty that provide the player with an unequalled life-span.
    • Many bonuses
    • 3 types of gameplay: Classic, Evolution, and 6-Letter Challenge
    • 1 story mode with many matches to deliver
    • 3 levels of difficulty and 1 tutorial

    Contributed by Sciere (510982) on Apr 30, 2006.