1,000,000 Crosswords Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts by asking the player/student what language they prefer
The title screen, this opens in a window but the game can be played full screen if preferred
The game's Help file can be accessed from the main menu
The initial game selection screen, here the player selects the kind of game they wish to play. The same choices can also be made from within the game
Playing a basic crossword. two things to note here
1. Not all the clues are visible
2. When the player makes a mistake entering a word any correct letters in the correct place are allowed
The standard wordsearch puzzle
The clue based wordsearch puzzle
The anagram wordsearch puzzle, the clues are mixed up until they are found when they revert to being words
The title screen in Italian
The help file in Italian
Though the title, instructions and on screen buttons are in Italian the clues and the answers are in English