AquaNox 2: Revelation

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It is the 27th century, and humanity has fled the surface of the Earth, plagued by radioactivity, into the depths of the ocean. William Drake is the last offspring of an old aristocratic family. After the death of his grandmother, the young man sails off on a freighter belonging to Drake Enterprises. Soon, a group of mercenaries attack his vessel and take control of it. The attackers spare William's life, but he has no other choice but to link his fate to theirs from that moment on.

Like its predecessor, AquaNox 2: Revelation is a hybrid of submarine simulation and first-person shooter. Four different gunships can be controlled and upgraded by the player throughout the course of the game. The vessels have different characteristics and often have to be chosen for particular missions, e.g. one that requires stealth or heavy plating to withstand attacks. Torpedoes and energy-based weapons can be used to combat the foes. The ship's controls can be switched between the FPS mode and the Simulation mode, in which the submarine is controlled more realistically.


  • AquaNox 2: Откровение - Russian spelling
  • 未来水世界2:启示 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Managing Director
Technical Director
Art Director
Project Manager
Level Designer
Text Management
Associate Producer
English Text Revision, Localization Consultant
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Average score: 72% (based on 27 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings with 1 reviews)

An average Freespace 2 clone set underwater

The Good
I loved the underwater setting, you rarely see that anymore. The character development show some effort, and are definitely better than mediocre.

The Bad
Lack of atmosphere/life in the water. Too Linear for my tastes.

The Bottom Line
Aquanox 2 dives (no pun intended) into a game genre we almost never see. An Underwater-sim. Except there’s a catch. It plays almost exactly like a regular space sim. Though this seems like a drawback at first, the game makes you feel like you actually are in a combat submarine and gives you the feeling that you’re actually underwater. Though I can’t recommend this game for a number of reasons, it’s well worth the purchase price for the effort and time that went into making this type of game and for trying a genre that almost never comes up.

An underwater scene like this would be GREAT if it played like Freelancer or the old Privateer games. But instead its gameplay is presented with linear missions/using credits to get ship parts/etc. Think of the Descent games mixed with Freespace 2 and you’ll know what I mean.

Windows · by Adam Zwakenberg (4) · 2010


Cancelled PlayStation 2 version

A heavily reworked PS2 port named AquaNox: The Angel's Tear was finished, but never released. According to Alexander Jorias, a few weeks before the planned release, all but five people were fired because of JoWooD's financial problems. When JoWooD stopped paying the remaining developers altogether, Massive refused to give the product to their publisher because they did not want to lose their last bargaining chip in case JoWooD had to go into administration. Of course this led to drama which escalated in JoWooD's allegation that Massive actively sabotaged the game by programming in bugs. Ultimately this lead to the complete closure of Massive and the cancellation of the finished game. Unsourced rumours also say that the game fell through Sony's quality assurance test.

In 2017, Wolfgang Walk added a few more details to the story: he confirmed that Massive sabotaged the Sony quality check (but only small details like a typo in the Sony smash screen) to get two more weeks of development time. The reason for JoWooD's financial problems were the 1.6 million (it is not known if Euros or Dollars) licensing fee for 200.000 produced Legend of Kay units because they did not read the licensing agreement. Sony offered to waive the fee for the AquaNox: The Angel's Tear rights, but JoWooD declined. Walk, after two missed payments, entered Massive into administration - JoWooD forced the Massive management to delay the filing of insolvency.


  • GameStar (Germany)
    • February 13, 2003 - Best Simulation in 2002 (Reader's voting)

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