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Official Description

Fur Fun

A multiplayer 3D platformer FUN Game!

Welcome to Fur Fun!

Fur Fun is For Fun... Get it?## Game is Ready! Will be published when approved on Greenlight!

This is a multiplayer 3D platform game where you can play up to 4 friends.
The main goal is to explore this 3d world where you can collect coins to unlock new levels.

There are a lot of crazy physics that you will love playing around, with an implemented ragdoll system to make it more fun.
In each level you will have some minigames to play with your friends, like football, or dodging giant rocks!

Also, you will have to cooperate, because each character has its own abilities and attack modes.
Or being a certain height to access other places!

Also, at the end of each level you will see a boss that you will have to defeat in order to get to the next
level with your friends! Or you can just hack the game if you're into that. I don't judge.

Right now we have 2 different characters with different skins, but we're planning to add more in the future!

Also we're going to be updating the game constantly, because this is only an early access, new characters, new minigames and new game modes, so stay tuned for updates and let's do it Fur Fun! HOOOHHMYGODIMSOFUNNY THESE JOKES HFMFG

Source: Steam Store Description

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