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Moria is an early first person RPG for multiple players. Development of the game was inspired by hearing stories of the development of contemporary dnd and Orthanc. As common in RPGs the player starts with creating a character. Characters have stats (Cunning, Piety, Valor, Wizardry, Vitality, Age) that determine the character's strengths and weaknesses. Characters move around the game world in a first person view with wire-frame graphics and movement in steps. Monsters can be fought with weapons and spells.

Food and water must be managed to stay alive and characters can also die of old age. The town area allows players to access shops and guilds (each of which had a special power for its members). The wilderness outside town features only weak monsters, but has entrances to four dungeons (Cave, Mountain, Forest, Desert) of 60 levels each. A hidden Ocean dungeon was added in a later update. Each level is on a 6x6 grid. Players can tie strings to objects to find their way back to previous locations, unless monsters chew it through. Magic objects can be found, but they are protected by boss monsters.

Players could create groups of up to 10 players to travel together under the lead of a designated guide.

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