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Blaster Master

aka: Chƍwakuseisenki Metafight

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Critic Reviews 81% add missing review

Video Game Den ( ) (100%)

But all in all, I wonder why Mega Fight never became a megahit in Japan (although it was fairly popular in the rest of the world) - it is definitively one of the best action game ever released for the Famicom system, and a must have.

Mar 20th, 2012 · NES · read review

Quebec Gamers (9.3 out of 10) (93%)

Blaster Master est définitivement entré dans mon top 10 du NES et est de loin le meilleur jeu de SunSoft et celui pour lequel la compagnie sera pour toujours reconnue le plus. Il offre un bon défi, est original, et une fois terminé l'expérience est mémorable. Je ne garantis pas que vous ne serez pas frustré par la difficulté, mais avec de la pratique, ce n'est définitivement pas un jeu impossible! If I can do it, you can! Malheureusement, les suites ne sont pas tellement à la hauteur de ce classique, mais Blaster Master original sera toujours là.

May 5th, 2007 · NES · read review

Mean Machines (91 out of 100) (91%)

After numerous cancelled dates, Blaster Master is finally about to hit the shops - and about time too! It's an absolutely brilliant platform/adventure game which I've been playing on and off since we first got it in over a year ago. It's packed full of excellent features, has superb gameplay and lots of neat touches - the way the tank moves and works is great! What kept me playing was the sheer size of the game - there's loads in there to discover, from secret screens to alternative routes around the map, and every time you play you seem to find something new. Blaster Master is definitely the best platform exploration game seen for months and should be put at the top of your shopping list.

Mar 1992 · NES · read review

Consoles Plus (91 out of 100) (91%)

Un grand titre qui, bien qu'il n'apporte rien de neuf, est trĂšs amusant Ă  jouer. Vous en aurez pour votre argent.

Apr 1992 · NES · read review

IGN (9 out of 10) (90%)

Blaster Master should be an immediate buy for anyone who's even a casual fan of the Virtual Console, as it's the perfect example of what the VC can be when it's working right. It's an excellent, highly nostalgic game being made available again for the first time in over two decades. It's a game design that's actually better when it's played on Wii, thanks to the new save state feature. And it's even been enhanced for this re-release through the inclusion of a new bit of bonus material at the end, for those intrepid subterranean explorers who'll be focused enough to finish the quest -- all the best elements of a VC release, combined together in one five-dollar download.

Dec 14th, 2009 · Wii · read review

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library ( ) (90%)

With tons of variety, great music and graphics, and two distinctly different modes of play, this is a pretty easy game to recommend. The challenge is quite high and can cause frustration until the early levels become second nature, but the game is absolutely fantastic and worth the time investment.

2016 · NES

Nintendo Life ( ) (90%)

We saw a lot of legendary titles come out of the 8-bit era of gaming, but probably none quite as ahead of its time as Blaster Master. The game combined so many different gameplay ideas into one amazing adventure that offered up more playability than probably any other title of its kind at that time. There was platforming, exploration, and enough shooting action to keep even the most finicky game fan glued to the television screen.

Dec 16th, 2009 · Wii · read review

TechRaptor (9 out of 10) (90%)

At the end of the day, Blaster Master is really fantastic, and I can’t believe I let it sit in a drawer for so long before finally getting around to playing it. If you are a retro gamer, you really do need to go play this game. If you have a NES, you can pick up the game for less then a tenner, if not, I promise not to judge you as you fire up an emulator. It really is that good. Next I think I will have to pick up the sequel and see if it holds up the standard set by the original.

Jun 26th, 2015 · NES · read review

Classic-games.net (9 out of 10) (90%)

Blaster Master is one of the best NES games of all time. There aren’t many games that blend multiple styles of gameplay together, let alone so effectively. This is a truly excellent game and one that remains just as engaging now as it did almost thirty years ago.

Nov 7th, 2016 · NES · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (9 out of 10) (90%)

I’ve come back to Blaster Master time and time again, and I’ve never gotten tired of it. To me, that’s the true definition of a video game classic. At one time I had much of the game memorized, which made replaying it considerably easier. Today, we can turn to the Internet for help
 which is no real cheat, not if it helps us to enjoy this wonderful action/platform game all over again.

Jun 9th, 2013 · NES · read review

Retro Archives (16.5 out of 20) (82%)

Prenez ce qui aurait pu n'ĂȘtre qu'un Ă©niĂšme titre d'action/plateforme atrocement gĂ©nĂ©rique, dotez-le d'une rĂ©alisation solide, variez ses phases de jeu, introduisez une composante exploration bien fichue, et vous obtiendrez un improbable et ambitieux patchwork quelque part entre Metal Warriors, MERCS et Metroid. Si tout n'est pas parfait dans le meilleur des mondes, avec un level design un peu extrĂȘme qui vous conduira littĂ©ralement Ă  reparcourir toute la carte du jeu en sens inverse (plusieurs fois!), de longues sessions de jeu obligatoires, quelques imprĂ©cisions dommageables et une jouabilitĂ© parfois maladroitement injuste, le tout reste d'une efficacitĂ© suffisamment redoutable pour pouvoir placer sans hĂ©sitation ce Blaster Master parmi les meilleurs titres du genre sur NES. À dĂ©couvrir si ce n'est pas encore fait, clairement.

Sep 13th, 2021 · NES · read review

Mag'64 (8 out of 10) (80%)

"Blaster Master" ist ein anspruchsvoller Mix aus den zwei unterschiedlichen Perspektiven, die euch die geballte Ladung an Schieß- und Sprungelementen bieten, die ein NES-Klassiker auf dem Kasten haben sollte. Blöd nur, dass das Gameplay zwar die Motivation bis hinter die ersten Level trĂ€gt, ihr nach dem mehrmaligen Verlust eurer Leben aber komplett von vorne beginnen mĂŒsst. NatĂŒrlich ist das fĂŒr ein NES-Spiel nicht ungewöhnlich, aber auf Grund der komplexen und anspruchsvollen Stages, des weitlĂ€ufigen Erforschens und des Backtrackings, ist dies schon harter Tobak, der nichts fĂŒr lockere Gelegenheitszocker ist.

Sep 9th, 2010 · Wii · read review

Hardcore Gaming 101 (8 out of 10) (80%)

In the end, Blaster Master is just good ol' fun. It has the action of Mega Man and the exploration of Metroid, which actually leaves it to be a very fun and different game. Once you memorize the levels and where the boss door is at, it gets a bit old, but is still fun to hop into and play.

2000 · NES · read review

SwankWorld (8 out of 10) (80%)

Blaster Master’s cult following managed to spawn two sequels, Blaster Master 2 on the Genesis and BM: Blasting Again on the original Playstation, as well as two handheld spin-offs being Blaster Master Boy and Blaster Master: Enemy Below. Despite all of this, nothing can really beat the charm of the first game. Though it may not have sold well and was hell to beat, it’s still fondly remembered by those who have played it. If you’re a fan of the NES, do yourself a favor and give Blaster Master a try. You won’t be disappointed.

2004 · NES · read review

Video Chums (8 out of 10) (80%)

Blaster Master is considered a classic game for a reason. Besides a few frustrating flaws; the challenging and engaging gameplay, enormous world to explore, and spectacular presentation are perfect reasons why gamers still keep going back to the old-school.

Jul 23rd, 2015 · NES · read review

RetroGame Man (8 out of 10) (80%)

Overall, this is an excellent hybrid 2D action game. While it is challenging, if you are quick to dodge enemies, the game is actually much easier because you can maintain your power-ups! The graphics are still great, and the music rocks. The game is also very affordable for those new to collecting! Overall, I give this game an 8/10! Highly recommended!

Apr 14th, 2017 · NES · read review

GameCola.net (7.5 out of 10) (75%)

So, the point is, Blaster Master somehow manages to be an excellent game, despite apparently being about a boy chasing after his radioactively enhanced frog, which seems to be entirely forgotten after the introduction ends, unless you listen to some players who suggest that the end boss is somehow intended to be aforementioned frog. I never quite believed that story, personally. I also never really understood why the main character’s hair color changes at the end of the game. I guess it must be a really bad case of helmet hair. Either that, or the localization crew missed a spot.

Nov 2008 · NES · read review

Retro Game Reviews ( ) (70%)

Blaster Master is a lengthy and addictive adventure game that wraps you up inside its enticing and well thought-out world. The level design, while mostly excellent, could have used some refinement, but it's still full of standout moments and the fact that each stage can be tackled in multiple ways gives it lots of replayability.

Jan 9th, 2018 · NES · read review

RetroManiac (3 out of 5) (60%)

TĂ©cnicamente agradable y muy funcional, los grĂĄficos de Blaster Master nos descubren la esencia misma del pixel pardo del que hacĂ­a gala muchos de los juegos para NES. Acompañado de un sonido algo menos puntero pero sin estridencias de ningĂșn tipo y adaptĂĄndose a la perfecciĂłn el devenir de Jason. Directo como Ă©l sĂłlo, es excelente para desintoxicarse entre partidas a juegos “mayores”.

Jul 5th, 2010 · Wii · read review

Video Game Critic, The (C+) (58%)

The stage layouts are maze-like and confusing, and you're expected to do a good bit of backtracking. Certain enemies can't be shot because they crawl too close to the ground, and slowdown often rears its ugly head. There's no score, but you do get unlimited continues, so you can pretty much play Blaster Master until you're sick of it. It's not one of my favorites, but Blaster Master deserves some credit for innovation and depth.

Mar 16th, 2004 · NES · read review

Questicle.net (C) (50%)

Some people swear by this game, others are like me and think it’s overrated. Truthfully, Sunsoft made some pretty boss games for the Nintendo era (Batman anyone?), so I expected better of this game. The story doesn’t help either: why would I want to hunt down a robo- boy’s pet frog across worlds filled with creatures that only desire my pain and suffering? How about saving a girl or the world from evil? These things are potentially worth fighting for, depending on one’s point of view towards humanity. But when one can walk outside during a thick rain and find a replacement for your best friend, well, perhaps Little Johnny should have kept the tank gassed up in the garage until a worthier cause came along.

Mar 2011 · NES · read review

NintendoWorldReport N/A

Blaster Master successfully melds its different gameplay elements together into a coherent whole and challenges players to rise to the occasion. Lifelong fans can rejoice at the game's availability on Virtual Console, and there's a reason for everyone else to give the game a try and find out just what exactly all the hullabaloo is about.

Dec 28th, 2011 · Wii · read review

Player Reviews

One of the true classic console action games

The Good
It was early in my NES playing days when I was introduced to this masterpiece. It was just so awesome-- you got to cruise around the underworld in a futuristic tank. The stock factory model could already jump, shoot straight upwards, and be armed with heat-seeking missiles and lightning. But the tank (curiously named "Sophia III Nora MA-01") could be powered up to perform remarkable feats such as hovering, swimming, and cruising up walls and along ceilings. And wouldn't you know it? You actually had to use each and every one of these abilities throughout the game.

I even love the story for this game, arguably the silliest in NES history. Boy has pet frog in easy-to-escape-from container, frog jumps on top of box in backyard, grows to enormous proportions thanks to quick-acting radiation from box, falls in deep hole, boy follows suit, doesn't find frog but does find super tank and matching suit. It has become one of the most infamous storylines in history but I think it's top-notch as far as brainless action plots go.

But this game is anything but brainless, mind you. Pilot that tank through all kinds of mazes and then hop out when it becomes clear that your tank can not go where you need to. Hunt down that boss and get the tank part needed to get to the next level.

I really need to give mention to the music-- Excellent music almost all the way throughout (the last level is quite a disappointment, melodically). Some of the tunes still get remixed to this day.

I also appreciate the fact that this game was so difficult to complete. Whenever I purchase games for $35-$50, I like it when the game took some time to complete. This game was just right and made me feel like I really got my money's worth.

The Bad
I didn't like that darn crab at the end of level 5. It took me forever to beat him, and of course the notorious Blaster Master cheat does not work against him.

Now that I think about it, I still carry a secret shame knowing that I have never completed this game without using the aforementioned cheating procedure.

The Bottom Line
This is one of the all-time action classics that must be experienced on the 8-bit NES. Just be glad that the lead character, Jason, is a master mechanic and that installing all of these advanced weapon and propulsion systems into the tank is second nature for him. Either that, or the hardware represents the ultimate in plug and play technology.

by Multimedia Mike (20612) on Aug 5th, 2005 · NES

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