Republic: The Revolution

aka: Gongheguo: Geming, Republika: Rewolucja
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In Republic: The Revolution, you must rise to power in a former Soviet state using political and coercive means.

The game opens showing you the current dictator of the country of Novistrana, and what horrible acts he commits against the populace, including giving an order to abduct your entire family. You are then presented with ten multiple choice questions. Answer carefully! Your answers will determine who your character is and how he acts.

At the outset, you are a nobody. Your first job is to hire some henchmen you can order around. Once you hire some people, you can instruct them to perform various acts to help gain support. Some of these acts include bribing officials (bribe the police chief so he'll look the other way), intimidate people, commit assault, arson, and even murder (only when you have to). There are also peaceful ways of gaining support, such as attending charity gala's or donating money to a worthy cause.

You can hire someone to go around plasting posters, gaining political support, or you can hire a person to go door-to-door advertising you and what you stand for. You can hire a boxer to fight for you, tell him how aggressive you want him to be, and if he wins, more support for you. If not, well, there's always blackmail.

The main campaign has you trying to overthrow the current president so that you may take control of the country. You'll have to go through three different cities to reach your ultimate goal, each one harder and larger than the one before it.

Most of the game takes place in an open-ended 3D environment, where you can walk (or drive) around. Everybody in the game, from the man in the store to the old lady in the walker, has a name and political alignment, and it's your job to make sure they see things your way. When push comes to shove, and the current president tries to get rid of you, you can initiate a peaceful protest and stand in front of tanks, blocking their path. Whether they stop or not is dependent on how the military likes you.

There are multiple ways to finish the game, guaranteeing a couple of replays. You can go through the game completely neutral, or you can go all out, committing terrorist acts and inciting national riots.

Victory means the presidency. You don't want to know what happens if you lose....


  • Республика: Революция - Russian spelling
  • 共和国:革命 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 70% (based on 33 ratings)


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The Good
The 3D visuals are quite good. Buildings look equally sharp at a distance and zoomed in, where you might get close enough to see details like a variety of foods at different street vendors. Unfortunately you don't really need to use this view often as it's not essential to advancing in the game.

The Bad
It can take some work to learn the game's interface and figure out just how to play it. The majority of the game is played using an overhead 2D view so you can see essential information. When the game does use the 3D view, usually it's to watch a scripted sequence in which you have no interaction. The pacing of these scenes is also awkward and you can spend 10-20 seconds just watching cars rolling up and people getting out.

The Bottom Line
Once you get over the steep learning curve and understand what you're supposed to be doing, the later levels offer clearer strategies and more complex combinations of actions that give Republic its best moments.

Windows · by Cyberzed (51) · 2003



Republic: The Revolution was to be released in 1998, but due to several delays and publisher changes, it took five years before the final product came out.


One of the artists became a cult figure on the team, so his face was used in some of the textures. Check out some of the gravestones and find the Gay Hussar pub sign. He's the guy wearing a Russian Bearskin hat.


The game shipped before all the music had been arranged, so there was an extra 30 minutes of soundtrack still to be added. The complete soundtrack was released as an audio CD some time later.


The 3D engine used in this game is called the Totality Engine, developed by Elixir Studios. It is capable of rendering very complex worlds with limited resources. More about the engine can be read in the related links section.


  • Golden Joystick Awards
  • PC Powerplay (Germany)
    • Issue 03/2004 - #5 Biggest Disappointment

Information also contributed by piltdown man, Sciere and simox6.

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