Awesomenauts: Commander Rocket

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Official Description

Purchasing Commander Rocket will permanently unlock this character in Awesomenauts. The character can also be purchased with Awesomepoints in-game.

Commander Rocket is an accessible harasser who is able to blast his opponents to smithereens with a massive rocket launcher. He stores up to several missiles to be fired at once and is able to place a rotating laser trap that deals massive damage to anyone unable to escape. He comes equipped with the following abilities:

  • Fire a huge rocket that deals damage and knocks enemies back. Watch out for recoil!
  • Place a rotating laser trap that deals damage to enemies in its path!
  • Load several missiles automatically and fire them as a salvo.

*Rocket was a war hardened soldier fighting for the Scargi army. Known for his explosive temper he fought bravely among the Scargi until he actually lost his head while furiously cleaning his rocket launcher during the siege on the arachnid planet Smertzspin. Rocket being a Galspitter, known for their cursing and vulgar language, was given an advanced head prosthetic with profanity filter. But more importantly, he was promoted to Commander of the security detail of the Scarg emperor Pierre Feu Darret AKA “Unstoppable Pierre”. Rehabilitating in the royal court the commander found a new team of misfits to command, who he would train to become the Rocket Renegades.

That changed in 3584, as that is when disaster struck. The team of four crack military court members was sent to prison by the Scarg Emperor for the audacious crime of planning to salt his dinner. A highly deadly substance for the sensitive snail like Scargos. The renegades were thought to be planning an assassination when they were actually just being caught eating fries they had salted with the salty seals they illegally had been hiding in their quarters.

During a shift of the guards, the team quickly outsmarted the slow Scarg prison guards and Rocket told them to go “Zork” themselves. They highjacked an interplanetary vessel and dispersed into the far reaches of the galaxy. Today, still wanted by the Scargos, they prepare to strike back at those who wronged them. They have the weapons. They have their mission. All they need now are allies. It's time for them to call: the Awesomenauts.*

Source: Steam Store Description

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