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Talisman: Digital Edition - Black Witch Character Pack

aka: Talisman: Digital Edition - Figurenpack Das schwarze Hexe
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Official Description

Character pack release for Talisman: Digital Edition - Black Witch.

The Black Witch moves in mysterious ways and has a natural spell resistance which can cause any spell-caster to think twice before targeting her.

Purchase this character pack to add the Black Witch to your character collection. She is then available to choose in all game modes.## Black Witch Stats -

Strength - 3
Craft - 3
Fate - 2
Lives - 4
Alignment - Evil
Starting Space - Cursed Glade## Special Abilities (from the character card) -

You begin the game with one Spell.

You may roll two dice for your movement. After the dice have been rolled, you may either choose one of the results to use for your move or add them together to determine how far you move.

If another character casts a Spell on your character, (except for the Command Spell), you may attempt to resist it. Roll 1 die:
1-3) The Spell affects you as normal.
4-6) You are unaffected by the Spell.

Source: Steam Store Description

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