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Harley's Humongous Adventure

aka: Kagakusha Harley no Haran Banjō
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Harley is a hip, young scientist who happens to have an IQ the size of Mt. Rushmore. While experimenting with a shrinking machine, something goes terribly wrong--the machine explodes and Harley is now the size of a bug! Harley has to find the missing pieces of his machine and reassemble it in order to return to his regular size. You'll guide him through all kinds of crazy capers, commandeering a tank, parachuting, using a jet pack, and fighting a giant rat, that will lead him to the parts he needs. When you're the size of an insect everything looks humongous.


  • 化学者ハリーの波乱万丈 - Japanese spelling


Credits (SNES version)

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Sound & Music
Clay Animation
Additional Art
Additional Cartography
Harley Design Team
Technical Support
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Average score: 72% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 2 reviews)

One midget, one tacky green outfit and one hell of a game!

The Good
Harley's Humongous Adventure had a very basic storyline. You were Harley, a young scientist who accidentally shrunk himself and now you had to find parts of your machine to fix it, located in rooms around your house which all seem bigger than normal due to your size. When I first played this I didn't like long boring storylines, that's why I preferred Mario and Sonic etc. You start off playing on fairly easy levels and as you go on it gets harder and harder. Although I loved killing the little strange monster things, large rats and things that hide in boxes the game gradually got extremely hard.

The Bad
There was a certain level where you were in the bathroom, bubbles appear and then you don't see too far down the bath. So, me and my friends thought that you had to jump on a bubble and fly. But after about 3 hours or attempts that didn't work so we just jumped. You land in the bath water and you have to go down the plug and swim around but of course game characters back in those days could never breath underwater, unless you where Mario or Luigi. Anyways, down the plug you get lost, hit by monsters and drown as there is a low supply of air bubble things that to need to get to breathe again. Hardest level EVER! My friends and I never actually completed the game because of it.

The Bottom Line
Hmm, well if you enjoy the old skool games I suggest you play this. The music is catchy and I definitely want to buy it again for my own amusement. One day I shall complete that bath level and I hope that if you play it, you finish the level too. Out of 5 I would give this about.....3 and a half. It's a enjoyable, fun, memorable game for all the family unless you are scared of the bath.

SNES · by Rosalie Newcombe (2) · 2004

Awful in just about every way, with no emotional pull whatsoever

The Good
Very little, to be honest.

The Bad
The graphics are blandly-drawn, and the design of some of the backdrops is sickeningly lifeless - I'm glad I don't live in this house. Harley looks like a total doofus, and his design smacks of some middle-aged executive trying to epitomise coolness. He's failed. The Micro Machines series does a much better job of bringing home environments to life in giant form.

There's no invincibility period after you die or get hit, and you'll sometimes be regenerated with an enemy literally dropping onto your head. In many parts of the levels you have to make successions of jumps, with absolutely no margin for error. All of this combines to make things very frustrating and demotivational, especially as the setting and task are so boring.

There is no options screen to speak of - no control configurations, no passwords, no sound test, no difficulty levels; just a shabby looking blue screen with '1 player' and '2 player' written in the middle.

The Bottom Line
There are loads of great games on the SNES - in terms of platformers Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country stand out. This really doesn't offer anything to compete with them, and rapidly becomes infuriating.

SNES · by Martin Smith (81428) · 2005


Electronic Arts

Though their involvement with the game's publication was tenuous, Electronic Arts did finance the game initially, evidenced by their square-circle-triangle logo appearing on the front of Harley's rocketpack harness in the cover artwork.

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