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Chaos;Child: Love Chu☆Chu!!

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Chaos;Child: Love Chu☆Chu! is a spin-off romantic visual novel game derived from the main game Chaos;Child and follows the main antagonist Miyashiro Takuru. Like many visual novels the gameplay is based around interaction with characters and reading text dialogues on screen. Depending on one's choices in those narratives and dialogues different endings can occur which determines the various possible endings of the game. Plot changes are branched out by answering questionnaires in an in-game magazine. The goal of the game is following Miyashiro Takuru who is focusing on "real-life activities", which includes romancing the girls present in the "Chaos;Head universe".


  • CHAOS;CHILD らぶchu☆chu!! - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PlayStation 4 version)

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Planning & Concept (企画・原作)
Takuyu Miyashiro (宮代 拓留)
Serika Onoe (尾上 世莉架)
Nono Kurusu (来栖 乃々)
Senri Minamisawa (南沢 泉理)
Hinae Arimura (有村 雛絵)
Uki Yamazoe (山添 うき)
Mio Kunosato (久野里 澪)
Hana Kazuki (香月 華)
Shinji Ito (伊藤 真二)
Takeshi Shinjou (神成 岳志)
Yui Tachibana (橘 結衣)
Yuuto Tachibana (橘 結人)
Masashi Kawahara (川原 雅司)
Tomoaki Watanabe (渡部 友昭)
Riko Haida (杯田 理子)
Wataru Sakuma (佐久間 恒)
Shuuichi Wakui (和久井 修一)
Erin (エリン)
Gen (ゲンさん)
Yuuma Ootami (大谷 悠馬)
Momone Takayana (高柳 桃寧)
Megumi Arimura (有村 恵美)
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